September 26, 2011

The other day, we were in literature class discussing what Beauty is, everyone came with lame ideas saying that Beauty is something pleasant to the human eyes and blah blah. Not to brag; but I think I had the best definition for beauty, When the teacher asked me what do I think Beauty is, this is what I said: For me; Beauty is something that hasn't been touched or manipulated by modern society, something that remains in its natural state.


Inspired II

September 22, 2011

Fall is finally coming tomorrow and I'm really happy! Lately I've been so stressed out with all this homework that teachers have been assigned us, but the good thing is that I always end up drawing a lot and it makes me happy. Here's what's inspiring me at the moment:

Fall Photographs
(photography by nardell)
Vintage sunglasses
(Vintage fashion photography by Richard Avedon)
Nordic Forests
(Photography by Nikoline)
Rebellious attitude, as always
(Photography by Lev Efimov)
Fall Colors
(Art by Quentin Jordan)



September 06, 2011

Some old pictures I've never shared before:


My Cold Blanket



September 03, 2011

What's inspiring me at the moment:

Films by Sofia Coppola
Andrea Myers
Missoni F/W 98-99 Campaign
Comme des Garcons art
Rebellion style


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