May 23, 2012

Well, if you've been reading my tweets you may notice that my friend Juan invited me to pinterest. I think it's a really nice site; I didn't pay too much attention to it before, but now I'm kind of obsessed! It's a really useful site to post things that keep inspiring me, because I don't have that much time to post anything on tumblr, I mean; my finals started on tuesday so that's why I've been so busy. As you can see; there's a follow button at the right side of my blog, so just have to click there x.


Inspired VI

May 07, 2012

Lately I'm feeling inspired by kind of summery and minimalistic photographs, here are my favorites:

1. At home with Scott Morrison (Nowness.com)
2. At home with Anouck Lepère (Nowness.com)
3. Backyard Oasis (Nowness.com)
4. N.Y. LOFT - feeling in Vienna by Loebell Architects (Behance.net)
5. Lovisa Ingman for Leur Logette
6. Jil Sander fall/winter 2013


Weekend Diaries V

May 06, 2012

Another weekend passes. I think time is passing by really quickly; I mean, we're already in May, how's that possible? 
The weather's really hot and It's been raining a lot, I feel kind of tired about that, the sun comes out only on sundays and then it starts to rain everyday since monday.

Did I mention I'm drawing a lot lately? That's why I've been so busy and not able to blog that much. Well, the thing is I'm designing some characters for a short story which is based on the 50s/60s; it's not really concrete yet, but I love it!


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