Camille & Stephanie

October 28, 2014

Here are some photos from a shoot I had a few weeks ago with Camille and Stephanie. These girls were so easy and fun to work with, I didn't even have to direct them that much, their coolness and beauty are simply natural.

We had a really great time shooting this story for one of my friend's (Maria) project for her class. She had to create a magazine, and this was part of the editorial content. I'm so glad with the results, hope you like them!

-Special thanks to Raquel and Maria, you rock-


Weekend x Classic Specs

October 20, 2014

Guys... You know my weakness for a good piece of eyewear, right? Well, something amazing happened this past weekend.

I was so honored when Classic Specs -a new eyewear company based in Brooklyn- wanted to do a collaboration with me. I was guest posting at their Instagram feed for the whole weekend.

They sent these super cool Amherst Sunglasses to shoot still life series and lifestyle photos with them. I also took them around town, to showcase my favorite places in the city. I had a lot of fun! Head over their Instagram to see how the photos turned out!



October 03, 2014

Ok, first thing: I'm so excited I'm back to food photography! It's not like you will see a lot of that on my blog (ok, maybe on my Instagram). But I have to tell you, it's amazing to work with such talented people. I just love it!

Ok, now: Last weekend, I went to a super cool gastronomic event called Taste, As you may know, I have a ridiculous love for food, so, now you imagine how much I loved the event. Well ok, let me tell you how much I liked it.

On Saturday, we had a cooking show with the French/Spanish chef Mikel Alonso, who has a restaurant in Mexico called Biko. He showed us a lot of interesting: from culinary techniques to really interesting theories. Here's one of the plates he cooked, which was amazing.

On Sunday, we had a cooking show with three talented chefs from our country (which I admire, and I'm very lucky to work with) Jacqueline Henriquez, Leandro Díaz and Ana Lebron. Each one of them cooked different recipes in such a great and easy way. Here's what Leandro created:

Ok, you probably saw a picture of that on Insta too. But I just wanted to show you the one I took my camera, you can really appreciate all the details, and it looked (and tasted) wonderful!

After that, Ana got on the stage and cooked a delicious dessert called arroz con leche, which is very popular in my country. She kind of reinvented it, using different ingredients and cooking it in a very modern way. Here's how it turned out, and Jacqueline's creation on the right, which was wonderful as well:

Well, that's all folks! I had such a great time there. But now, this post is already too long, and it also made me a bit hungry. Ok yeah, I'll try not to make a mess in the kitchen now. Bye! xx

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