Friday Stills pt.2

February 28, 2014

Yup, I'm still trying out a bit with still life/nature. This was taken last week, and as you can see, I'm a little bit obsessed with that black board. I thought it looked nice on the last photos I took, so I'm probably going to use it a lot now. The flowers are obviously synthetic but I like the way the look here. Anyway, I'll keep doing this kind of photos and I'll post them every Friday. Please let me know what you think! :)


My rules of style / pt.2

February 27, 2014

Yes, finally, an illustration!

Haha, ok enough. Remember last time when I talked about my rules of style? Well, here's the second chapter or something like that.

As I said, my style is always evolving, that allows me to find inspiration anywhere and add some new rules to this series of posts, which will keep things a bit more interesting all the time. Here I go...

  • Get rid of tight/baggy clothes: Things are supposed to fit just right. Something too small will obviously make you look like your mom buys your clothes from the kids department. And something too big will also make you look like an idiot. We don't want that.
  • Look for a key piece each season: This is just essential. It's something I've been doing for like a year now. You need something essential for each season. For example, an unconstructed blazer, t-shirt or chinos for Spring/Summer; and maybe a nice coat, blazer or sweater for Fall/Winter.
  • Take care of your footwear: To be honest, I totally suck at this one. But, argh that's okay, I'll do it nice some day... The point is you should treat them right. Shoe trees are really helpful, they help to maintain their shape and make them look good.
  • Less is more: Always. Remember choose quality over quantity. Don't put a lot of effort to have a nice outfit.
And there you have part 2. Remember to have in mind all these 'rules'. I'll post more as soon as possible!


Style story n1 / Daniela Arbaje

February 24, 2014

This is my friend Daniela. She's going to study film and she's got a great love for good movies and images. Yup, another super cool and stylish friend for the list. I always wanted to take pictures of her, and it finally happened last weekend. 

I love the fact that her style is a mix between grunge, minimal and daring at the same time. It's just amazing, no? Well, I'll leave you with some pictures, enjoy!


P.S.: Special thanks to Sarah Gomez for helping us with this shoot.


Friday Stills

February 21, 2014


So, this was a little story I decided to shoot earlier today. You know, I'm feeling very inspired by interiors and still life. Even my Instagram feed is full of shots like that. It's some kind of obsession. But to be honest, sometimes it's a little bit difficult to find the right props for the photos. 

This time, I grabbed my dad's old watch and some vintage art and photography books I stole from grandma. Anyway, this is just an experiment. I like to change the game and try different things sometimes, haha. I hope you like how the pictures came out! :)

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