2011 snapshots

December 31, 2011

These are some snapshots I took this year, I hope you guys like them!

Laura hiding from the camera
On the road to the mountains
Raindrops on the car glass
Laura running
Flowers at my Grandma's house
Solar halo
A little river
Diana lying on the couch

This year was amazing and full of surprises; I want to thank you guys for visiting my blog; for being so supportive and for all your beautiful and cheerful comments. This year has been one of the best of my life, I realized who my real friends are and I realized that opportunities can knock your door when you least expect them. Thank you 2011, for being an awesome year.


Fake Film

December 26, 2011

Some crappy and pointless photographs I took and edited a few hours ago to make them look like film.


Christmas Lights

December 25, 2011

It's finally Christmas! I lasted so long to write this post, but anyway, here it is.

These Holidays; I had two dinners, one of them was with my closest friends, we had a Secret Santa and we spent that night making lots of jokes, and the other one was with my family on Christmas Eve. We ate a lot; especially last night, there was a lot of food and candies.

In the morning, I woke up by the sound of kids unwrapping all the presents there were under the Christmas tree, everyone was laughing and talking.

This Christmas was really magic and beautiful; I hope you all have an amazing one!



December 19, 2011

Some really old photographs that were lost for 10 months.

Last February; my cousins Laura, Arturo and I went to a beach called 'Las Terrenas'. We spent like 3 days in that beach house and everything was amazing. The first day was really nice, we dived into the pool and went to sleep at 4am.

Arturo diving
Laura and Arturo
The next day; we spent like 4 hours straight walking through the beach and as soon as we started to walk in 
the morning, it started to rain. Then in the afternoon everything suddenly got better, we drank vodka, listened to really loud music and talked a lot.

Laura's bare feet
Arturo's sunglasses

We spent the last day swimming, taking the sun in and letting all the stress just go out. Everything about that weekend was perfect; but sadly, I can't go back in time.

Me, staring at the pool (by Laura)
Laura's wet hair
Laura staring at me
The beautiful sunset


Little Things

December 12, 2011

My exams started this week. I spent the last week and my whole weekend studying for math; which was really easy, I think this is the first time I fill a whole math exam.

Lately I've been listening to 'The Drums' a lot; I should say I really like their music, it feels pretty much like summer when you listen to it, right now my favorite song by them I think it's called 'Skippin' Town', it has such a nice vibe and fun lyrics!.

The other day I watched a little film called 'Influencers' which is really nice, it talks about how trends and creativity become contagious today, I think you guys should watch it, it's really interesting.

Blue Web
Fallen Orchid
Our beautiful girl, Lulu


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