February 27, 2012


Weekend Diaries III

February 26, 2012

It's raining a lot right now. I've been trying to get inspired in many ways these days, but nothing seems to work. I've been drawing, painting, reading and listening to new music and stuff like that. This week I'll be working with a photographer called Pierina Diez in a new project which I think you'll love! Pierina is currently a graphic design student and she takes really nice pictures, you can check her blog here. I took these pictures around 2 weeks ago and that's the only thing I have to share, so please, excuse me for being so boring and for my lack of updates to this blog.


Happy Valentine's day!

February 14, 2012


Inspired IV

February 11, 2012

This week has been really stressful; lately I'm so busy with school stuff, I barely have time to sleep. Well; the thing is, today my friend Sarah told me about a girl called Lianne La Havas. She's a 22 year old singer and songwriter from London. Her music is really beautiful, it made me feel so warm and peaceful, she's got an amazing voice and she plays guitar so nicely! I'm glad Sarah introduced me to her music, because that girl is just beyond. Here's a video from La Blogotheque:


Silent plants

February 08, 2012


Lonely girl

February 05, 2012

Test shoot with my cousin Laura today. It made me realise I need new models, new places and new lenses! I have a huge wishlist right now, haha. We walked so much and ate apple popsicles, we had a nice time together.


Inspired III

February 03, 2012

Hey! It's been a lot since my last 'inspiration' post; so here's only a little bit of 
what's inspiring me at the moment, I promise to update this section for next week!

1. Backstage at Jil Sander menswear F/W 2012-13
2. Face at Skogafoss (Iceland) by Reinhard Pantke


Weekend Diaries II

February 02, 2012


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