Weekend Diaries IV

April 14, 2012



April 09, 2012

Some photographs from Estefania's photoshoot.


Spring break snapshots

April 08, 2012

This springbreak was kind of boring actually. But fortunately, I had to shoot with a friend called Estefania and went to my grandma's house. I had a little fun with my grandma; we ate a lot and we told really funny stories, I took a dive into the pool with the kids and we found some old photographs. Now I'm back home and I have loads of homework to do. I'll be posting Estefania's photos as soon as I can, meanwhile take a look at these:

Early spring flowers
Some cat I found at my friend's house.
Grown-up Lola
My 2 year-old cousin being camera shy
Old photographs
Diana (left) and my sister Diana (right)

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