Endless November

November 30, 2011

November was so good to me. Everything was so soft and beautiful; it almost looked like it was summer.

My friends and I, we've never been so close like we are now, we tell jokes, talk a lot and laugh at stupid things. We had Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday; we had turkey, grapes, salad, potato and lots of things! My friends and I, we stuck a little paper with 'I’m thankful for my friends' typography.

Lyne, Martin, Sarah and me.

School was good too, my grades were ok and I had excellent relations with my teachers. I've been reading 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' and I really love it! Everything about that book it's beautiful.
The Picture of Dorian Gray

I know for sure, December will be much better, things will be really nice and I will have a beautiful Christmas.


Roadtrip to the South

November 19, 2011

Yesterday, my class took a tour to the South area of our country. We went to many places, such as the Lake Enriquillo which is the largest one of the Caribbean, we also went to see the iguanas and a cave with a lot of prehistoric paintings called 'Caritas'. We spent like 6 hours on te road, listening to music, eating a lot and making jokes. I felt we were a family; everything was amazing and really lovely, even the guides of our trip, they were so thoughtful and wise, yet warm and friendly they were like elder brothers for me. I just want to melt back into that day.


In Your Dreams

November 15, 2011


Up in the Woods

November 14, 2011

Some pictures I took in the mountains.
We traveled for hours to get there.
I took them around March, I still remember the cold weather and the beautiful pines.


Dando Show

November 06, 2011

Tonight, I went to Casa de Teatro to see an art exhibition called 'Dando Show' from my friend Rafael de los Santos, better known as Poteleche. I must say that I really admire him and his sketches, they really inspire me to keep creating and drawing. You can check his blog here.

Dando Show
'Move On!' sketch
Drawn guitar
Square People


Strange Sunset

November 04, 2011

Today, something really strange happened. The sunset had really weird tones and clouds, it all looked pink. It seemed like the clouds were painted on canvas with very strong colors. It was almost the same thing as a Monet painting; beautiful, yet strange and abstract. I took advantage of the situation and shoot some photographs:


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