Weekend Diaries V

May 06, 2012

Another weekend passes. I think time is passing by really quickly; I mean, we're already in May, how's that possible? 
The weather's really hot and It's been raining a lot, I feel kind of tired about that, the sun comes out only on sundays and then it starts to rain everyday since monday.

Did I mention I'm drawing a lot lately? That's why I've been so busy and not able to blog that much. Well, the thing is I'm designing some characters for a short story which is based on the 50s/60s; it's not really concrete yet, but I love it!


  1. DID YOU REALLY DRAW THAT? Wow. You're hella talented, it's beautiful!

  2. wow, wow, wow! that sound exciting! not the rain, but the short story idea!




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