March 20, 2012

Spring is finally here! I'm so happy, the weather is so nice and inspiring. What I like about spring it's how gray and cold things can turn into the most colorful and beautiful; and of course, my birthday, which is on sunday (March 25th). I'm finally starting to feel happy and inspired by lots of things!


  1. me da tanto gusto leerte asi Victor! q bueno q recuperés la energia de crear, primavera claro que inspira, tardes soleadas y perezosas bajo el sol, alegria, rodar en la grama, ir a la playa, no se, tanto que hay que hacer!

    ademas.... ya viene tu cumpleaños! que genial! a ver que haces!!! :D

    la ultima foto es mi fav de estas

  2. impressed. i like these pictures a lot.

  3. These are very beautiful photographs you definitely have a lot of talent!
    secret stare

  4. These picture are so great ! Love your blog.



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