I don't care!!

September 17, 2012

WARNING: This is a late night post, so please don't take it very seriously.

Don't you hate it when people talk loaaaads of crap? Yes, we all do.

I hate when some people say:

  • You should actually stop blogging and start doing real things... - I don't care what you say. It's my life.

  • You're going to study advertising? Oh, what a waste of talent... - Please shut the f*ck up, I don't really care. I will study whatever I want and I'll be really successful (I think), so please stop it.

  • You have such a bad taste in music, you're the only one I know who listens to those weird bands... - I don't care what you think about my musical taste. But seriously, who doesn't like bands like The Killers, Concorde or The Drums? I think they're pretty good!

  • What happened to that person? You used to be pretty good friends... - You said it. We USED to be friends, but then you realize people don't really care about you, so you don't care about them either

And what about people who read my blog and when they speak to me, they start saying things like these:

  • Ohh, you have a really nice blog, but you should try to post something different... - Are you crazy?Would you like to become the author of this blog or what? No thanks, I don't care.

  • You should be writing about God, and you should write things to motivate people to go to Church... - No, thanks. I do believe in God. But why don't you open your own blog and start writing those things? I mean, I post about photography, fashion and inspiration here. This is not a church. I'm sorry.

  • You take really nice pictures, why don't you try to take some street style snaps?...  - Well, to be honest I've tried to do that. But in my country, the street style scene is not very interesting at all, so yeah. I don't care anymore about what people are wearing here.

And there's sooooooo much more, but I can't keep writing because I've got school tomorrow (that means I should actually go to sleep) So, yeah. Thanks for reading, and remember, don't take this post very seriously!


PS: I'm really sorry. I know I shouldn't be cursing on the internet, but I don't care, it's my blog! 


  1. Nice drawing!

    Don't let others get you down, you have to live your life not them :) xxx

  2. this made me smile. you're absolutely right, Victor! i don't like that kind of crap, either... it's really annoying... when people think they know better what would be best for you... hahha... but i'm also trying to not judge these people because all the wanna be is heard and be right... and sometimes the even mean well.


    p.s. thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for including me in your fave blog list... i really feel honored, no kidding!

  3. indieinthecaribbeanOctober 21, 2012 at 2:40 PM

    Im so glad to find dominican bloggers like this, and to know im not "the only one I know who listens to those weird bands!" (yeah i read your full profile and you have great taste in everything) you are awesome sir. Keep it up :)!



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