I think I need a drink

June 22, 2012

Hello! this week I started to work as an intern for an advertising agency. I have to say, the advertising industry it's so interesting and cool and everybody's so fun to be around with, I can talk to them about anything and they'll still be really nice. 

But, there's just a thing: I don't really like being the whole time in front of a computer: I like what I do but, spending that much time in front of it stresses me out a little bit (I think I need a drink).Well; I know I don't even do half the work the creatives do to be complaining this way, but the thing is I'm not used to it, that's the reason why I get tired so easily. But at the same time, being in front of it for so long has taught me a lot, I've learned a lot more about editing photos, storyboards and even a little bit of graphic design, and that kind of stuff so it's really useful after all!

I'm glad I can be part of this industry for a while!


PS: This is one of my drawings, it was originally inspired by The Sartorialist.

PS2: I think I'll start to post more drawings on this blog...


  1. definitely I love all photos ! Amazing. :D



  2. Your blog is great! I love it:) It would be lovely if you visited my blog,
    thanks x

  3. Hm, is it anything like Mad Men? :D


    1. Hello Deasy!

      hmm.. No, I wish it was, it would be so much easier and cooler. Advertising seems more complicated these days; it lacks on that 60s essence but, the industry it's still kind of interesting now with all the media and internet stuff.



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