The Arrow

July 13, 2012

Last week, my dad gave me his old sunglasses.

When I first found them, they were a little corroded and scratched (yup, they're really old). So, the first thing I told my dad, was to take them to a place where they can polish and brighten them up because they'll look better that way. I'm so glad I made that decision, seriously, they look like they're new!

Something I really love about these sunglasses, it's the tortoisehell material they're made of. It makes them look kind of classic and really elegant.


PS: They're made by Persol. I don't really have any information about the model, because we sent them to polish, and the reference they had written on was all gone.


  1. hum,great blog and good shots.keep it up.

  2. absolutely cool. I like your blog:)

  3. Nice(:

  4. at first i thought they were new glasses! i can't believe such an old piece of item can be timelessly beautiful

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  6. Love it! Really great!

  7. It looks great :)
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