The perfect time to post?

July 28, 2012

After having a super busy week, I've finally managed a way to work on my blog. Well, at least that's what I think (Because I haven't tried it yet).

Unfortunately, this week I had to do loads of paperwork (I know, right?). But; as soon as I finished, I started to feel a little bored. To fight my boredom I started to walk around my workplace and asked everybody if they needed any help. They said no. So, I just went back to my desk and drank a cup of coffee (Did I mention I drink 3 cups of coffee per day). Well; the thing is, as soon as I did that, I grabbed some sheets and a pencil.

I started to draw lots of random things and I thought 'this is the perfect time for posting'. And yeah, that's what I think I'll do. I'll post on my free time at work, have you tried it? I'll try to do it this week to see if it works out. But first, I need something to photograph!! Meanwhile, here's a drawing!


PS: This drawing is inspired by the marvelous Garance Doré.


  1. I am always delighted when reading your blog. This post inspired me to post in my free time at work. And nice drawing by the way.

  2. Nice posting and nice drawing coming from an awesome person. Keep up the awesome job!



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