Lace-up shoes

July 02, 2012

I am such a big fan of lace-up shoes. I mean, they look amazing, don't they?

Some people say things like: 'oh, are you wearing your dad's/grandpa's shoes?' or 'ah, you have such an old taste' but the truth is, my style is kind of classic and lace-up shoes just look good with everything you wear (jeans, shorts, etc.)

I might change the laces on these ones. What do you think about lace-up shoes?


PS: In case you're wondering, I bought these brogues in Zara.


  1. Oh, Dios mío, amo esos zapatos, tienes un gusto excepcional.

  2. Love those!

  3. screw other people. you've got good taste.

  4. nice shoes!


  5. i love these, too!
    i used to wear lace-ups a lot when i was younger... but for some reason not any more... i don't know maybe they are more expensive or there aren't so many nice ones now...
    btw, i also got a pair of zara brogues but those are slip-ons... i posted them back then:

    have a great weekend, dear Victor!



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