Inspired IX

August 01, 2012

Hello, I'm glad you're reading this post. I'm just trying to do what I said on my other post. So yeah, that means I'm currently sitting in my desk.

This is what's inspiring me at the moment, this is my moodboard for August. These photos have caught my attention for the past two weeks. And as you know, we were talking about the way my photos are starting to look a little bit like film, remember? Ahh, I just love the way film looks, it's very nostalgic and full of color. It also takes me back to my earlier summer days; when I was a kid and we used to have slr film cameras and take random photographs.

Well; when I found these photos, I inmediatly remembered those moments. So I wanted to share them with you, they're very beautiful.

by Erin Purcell
by Emily Harriet
by  s p r o t t


  1. yeah, that photos are really great. I like when they look nostalgic and the last one is just best. Wanna to jump, too :) And the second one looks like from film Hercules Poirot from Agatha Christie! Have a nice day :)

  2. i think that the photos are totally amazing and the way they look they give you that nostalgic feeling in it (:

  3. These are some beautiful photographs! The first one makes me long my lover and the second one reminds me of my first trip with friends to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The last one happens to be my favourite and makes me long for an endless type of summer.

  4. It is now my turn to say how much I adore your blog! ...seriously. you have a great eye for style and I love your sketches. New fave blog find! Thanks for the inspiration. -G

  5. Juan Manuel Toribio LiedSeptember 7, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    I loved the colors from the last one. LOVED THEM!

  6. loving the photos and the nostalgic look in it <3



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