My daily essentials #2: Eyeglasses

August 30, 2012

Hello guys! I started school last week, which means I'm super busy.

Now I have essays, homeworks and loads of readings to do. But oh, it's finally my senior year (yeaaaahh) that's one of the reasons because I can't complain, because I'll be done with school!

These days, I've been like 90% of my time reading, writing and sometimes sketching ;) Since I'm doing all these things, I've got to wear my eyeglasses a lot. I wear them when I'm mostly on the computer or reading, watching tv, sketching, writing...

Sometimes; wearing them can be a pain, but these are my eyes. And if I don't wear them while I'm doing all these things, I would instantly get a headache!


PS: They're made by Benetton.


  1. Your post is great to read. Despite this eyesight issue I started to wear reading eyeglasses.

  2. Your eyeglasses are just the right style for you! Seeing you place your eyeglasses on that branch made me want to remind you not to store them in places that have extreme temperatures. Hot or cold temperature may warp its frames.

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