On the Street... Apec University, SDQ

July 24, 2013

So, I was taking more university exams last monday as I told you. So far I've met great people. After I finished, I decided to take a walk with my friends. The campus seemed very nice to me, it's pretty big and you can get to the other buildings very easily.

When we were walking, I suddenly heard the sound of a violin. My friend said to me 'look at that, that's awesome!'. It was indeed, I saw this violinist playing a really nice melody so I took a picture of her.

It reminded me of the days that I used to play the guitar, but sadly I don't do it anymore.

What about you? Do you play any instruments? Let me know!


  1. yeah! the piano n_n

  2. i play the guitar too :P i don’t use chords often i use more tablature on finger style



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