My essentials: The plaid shirt

October 17, 2013

You know what? I actually have a lot of shirts. And let me tell you, most of them... are plaid.

Yeah, yeah. I've always been so in love with plaid shirts. I mean we all love them, right? For me, they're some kind of uniform, I don't know why but I can't stop wearing them all the time!

And the thing is, plaid shirts will always work because they give a simple, yet strong image at the same time. And... They also give you some kind of confidence, it's true!! Whenever you put a plaid shirt on, you're feeling like part of the cool kids or something like that.

I love wearing them with my black jeans and converse, and I will always always live them untucked, they look better that way.

What about you? Do you like plaid shirts? If so... How do you wear them?


  1. Plaid shirts are awesome! And with converse and a pair of black jeans, as you say makes the perfect combination.

  2. I loooove your style! And the big collection of plaid shirts that you have hahah.

  3. Classic mate, for sure. I wear them with indigo jeans, classic sneakers or brown boots.

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